Game Description (iOS)

Peak Rider

Welcome to one of the most remote mountains in the world, Peak Mountain, where you can fearlessly own the slopes and show off your wild snowboarding tricks. Not for the faint of heart, experience incredible speed as you fly down the mountain to catch big air, nail impressive combos, and attempt to land extreme tricks. Avoid hitting rocks and trees as you carve your own path down the mountain and get close but avoid crashing into obstacles, like trees and rocks, to score points. Customize your rider, each with their own distinct voices, with more than 30 snowboards with specialized handling and trick combos and high-fashion outfits and accessories. Compete in online multiplayer, arcade mode, flags, stunts, and show off your skills in daily and weekly challenges. Build your status as a pro-rider and leave your competition in the snow!


  • 10 signature tricks and tons of grabs
  • Experience unbelievable speed for adrenaline-rushing rides
  • Procedurally generated mountain for different runs every play-through!
  • 4 game modes for diversified gameplay: Arcade, Flags, Stunts, and Multiplayer
  • 30 beautiful snowboards with unique handling and trick combos
  • 6 skilled characters
  • 30+ outfits and accessories to mix and match
  • Play across your iOS device
  • Intuitive tilt controls and optional touch controls